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One of the main objectives of Nizwa.NET is to educate people about Agriculture as a major component of the Omani Society. Agriculture has been and will always be cherish among local Omanis who appreciate the land, the palm tree and the animals they own and raise. These pages will provide some insights on the value of farming and cultivation among the people of Oman. Please follow the links to gain more information and share your input in the forum of this web site.

Agriculture in Oman: An Introduction

This page provide a comprehensive overview of Oman agriculture and how industries like oil and modern factories have change the Omani agricultural landscape. It is a bit outdated but still an excellent introduction to green Oman.

The Date Palm Tree

This is a very important tree and has a great religious and social values as one's child. Because of its tolerance to high temperature, drought and salinity, Date Palm is the ideal tree under Oman's climate. Read more about the cultivation of this tree.

The Falaj (pl. Aflaj)

The Falaj irrigation system is the most complex Irrigation System in the traditional agriculture of Oman. It is still the vein of water upon which many villages and farms rely on. Much of the Falaj distribution is traditionally managed and maintained.

Oman Fisheries

Oman coast extends from Gulf of Oman in the north to the Arabian Sea and he Indian Ocean to the south. Over 1700 km of coast line provide a wide variety of fish and shellfish. 

Oman Fruits

Besides date palm, the most important fruit tree in the country, Oman hosts a variety of fruit crops. This is due to the diverse topography of Oman that range from the northern plains with variable RH and temperature; mountains reach over 3000 m high that reach subzero during the winter; to the summer monsoon of Salalah. 

Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries



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