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Nizwa.NET is a personal homepage maintained and paid for by Rashid Al-Yahyai since 2001. You can see how the site evolved over the years at The Web Archive. Nizwa.NET was designed to provide information about the country OMAN for tourists and researchers who do not speak Arabic. The site was started in Geocities as "Nizwa Oasis" <> in 1996 (see it then) but because of the heavy demand on this information, the site had to be blocked if hits exceeded a specific bandwidth. It was unfortunate for Nizwa Oasis especially after its publicity exceeded 1000 visitor per month and reached New York Times newspaper and the BBC online.

Following many requests from around the globe, Nizwa.NET was born to replace "Nizwa Oasis".  Still most of the visitors come from the old site as this domain establishes its name as an independent informative site that brings Oman to the world.

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