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Children's wonder world

The dome-shaped Children's Museum, located near Qurum Nature Park off Sultan Qaboos Street — Pictures by Abdullah Ibrahim al Shuhi

If you've ever wondered what the dome-shaped building near Qurum Nature Park is all about, then a visit to this curious-looking structure is in order, albeit with your children in tow.

For, this fine edifice houses the Children's Museum — a place designed to arouse the scientific curiosity of even the least inclined children.

In fact, visit to these precincts promises children an evening of learning and fun.

The museum opened eight years ago during the country's 20th National Day as a generous gesture to children from His Majesty the Sultan. Since then, children, teachers or parents come to visit this institution of educational amusement.

The Children’s Museum promises visitors an evening of learning and fun, writes Jeanina Santiago

Samirah Ahmed al Raisi, manager of the Children's Museum

Even university students, technical students and researchers visit the facility to enjoy the fascinating and even amusing explanations to simple scientific phenomena.

Every year, around 50,000 visitors — 70 per cent of them children — visit the museum.

Those with a scientific temper would perhaps enjoy the visit more than those without.

For instance, one set of displays, called 'Eye Spy', are in fact perception panels with illusions designed to offer some insight into how your eyes and brain see things differently.

There are lots of other devices and paraphernalia that are meant to stimulate scientific thought or understand basic scientific phenomena around you.

While at the museum, you can experience a fake electric shock, trigger a lightning bolt, view a 'haunted' dancing ball, launch a hot air balloon, photograph your own shadow, catch an elusive marble, see microscopic specimens, send a message through a whisper dish…and more! Samirah Ahmed al Raisi, a former primary school teacher, has been running the museum for the last six years.

"I like children very much, so it's fun around here," she says of her job. She has the help of seven cheerful guides who generally help make a tour of the museum a stimulating and memorable one for children.

A guide explains the secret behind a plasma ball experiment
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