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The oasis city of Nizwa, the largest in Picture of Nizwa Grand Mosque the interior province, was the capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th centuries. Today it remains one of the most popular tourist attractions with its historical buildings and imposing fort built in the mid 17th century by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya'ribi, The town's immense palm oasis stretches for eight kilometers along the course of two wadis. It is famous for its bustling souq where tourists can buy exquisite copper and silver jewellery and other craft items.


Nizwa is located in the heart of Oman about 165 km from Muscat the capital city. Driving is about an hour and a half, the road pass through many Wilayats like Bidbid, Samail, and Izki. The interior climate is cold in the winter from November until March. So many things attract Nizwa visitor ranging from ancient civilization remarks to modern entertainment facilities. Water falls of Tanuf are inspiring and the magnificent Nizwa Fort is a wonder on its own. Paved roads and facilities will take you smoothly to every single village in Nizwa. Many Taxis or local bus transportation services are also available for those who can not drive. Tours also organized by many tour operators. Nizwa Hotel and Falaj Daris hotel are affordable places for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Nizwa old and new souqs (markets) provide the visitor with all his or her needs with many choices to select from, whether you are seeking an old Omani khanjar or a slice of pizza. The Rocky Mountains "Jebal alHajar" are Nizwa background, from there you get to visit Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar and Al-Misfat (>3000m above sea level), Oman most spectacular areas. Up in the mountains, calm summers provide the visitor with a unique fresh air surrounded by breathtaking stones, natural architecture and temperate-zone trees and shrubs. Besides, there are the palm oasis on Wadi (valley) Kalbouh and Al Abiadh from Birkat Almouz to Tanuf, just something you will always feel in need to visit again and again. Falaj Daris is the life maintainer of Nizwa gardens and the water supplier for all domestic purposes. Parks equiped with childern playgrounds are many in the town and outside for all levels and ages. People of Nizwa are friendly, just like all Omanis, they will guide you happily and show you everything that you feel you want to see. Take my word, It is an experience that you will never find anywhere else.


You may consider Tanuf. Waterfalls in Tanuf are unique to the area within the steep mountain sides and the water reservoir, you may want to spend a picnic day. All facilities are available and I am sure you will enjoy it there. From there you can go to Al-Hamra. Wilayat Al-Hamra is another tourist attractive town that you do not want to miss when you visit the interior. Towers and ancient forts are scattered in every village and farms all around with a countryside life style. Two major locations are of great interest to all Al-Hamra visitors, these are Al-Mesfah and Jabal Shams. You need a 4-Wheel drive to climb 3000m above sea level for a different type of climate and a totally new and non-spoiled regions. Al-Hamra old market worth the visit plus other parks and tourist attractions. You may also want to head to the villages of Al-Qala'a, Al-Qaryah or Al-Aredh. All neat locations that observe the Omani traditions. From Nizwa you can go to Bahla where Oman ancient potry is still alive. 

You may never have a chance to meet agriculture and settled traditional type of society as the one you will experience in the Interior of Oman. Words are just not enough to describe everything, it is something you must see to believe in

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