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What are the major cities of Oman ?


You may want to buy a map before heading to any of the following major cities of Oman:



Muscat city, once a thriving and strategically located port of the Arabian peninsula in ancient times, is the capital of modern Oman. Its medieval appearance with two old Portuguese forts, Jelali and Merani, flanking the rocky cove around which the city is built, makes it a unique and unusually exotic place. Muscat's picturesque old buildings co-exist with modern commercial and residential quarters giving the city an ambiance of its own.



The largest city in southern Oman, Salalah has a unique charm with its coconut groves and banana plantations growing right to the water's edge. Its beautiful beaches of white sand are a haven for swimmers ad sea lovers. The rugged beauty of its fertile plains, its freshwater springs, its bustling souq and tropical landscape leave a lasting impression on the visitor's mind.



Sur has a nearly ideal location in the northeast province of Sharquia and is a seafaring town, a fishing village and a trading port all in one. The highlight of the town is the dhow builder's yard on the coast just beyond the town. Sur started trading activities with the African coast as early as the 16th century A. D. walk through its labyrinthine streets reveals many fine old houses with caved doors, arabesque windows and other intricate details. More about Sur
(FYI: One famous ship in Oman is called Shabab Oman, or Oman Youth)



The Oasis city of Nizwa, the largest in the interior province, was the capital of Oman in the 6th and 7th centuries. Today it remains one of the most popular tourist attractions with its historical buildings and imposing fort built in the mid 17th century by Imam Sultan Bin Saif Al Ya'ribi. The town's immense palm oasis stretches for eight kilometers along the course of two wadis. It is famous for its bustling souq where tourists can buy exquisite copper and silver jewelry and other craft items.
Not too far from Nizwa, Bahla is another small town worth the visit. Bahla Fort  was listed among the World Heritage List for its unique design and age.



The coastal city of Sohar was once an important Islamic port and the largest town in the country. Visitors will be attracted to its large and functional souq with handy tailors, fruit sellers, and fishermen vying for space, and its fort which stands apart with its four-story walls and six towers, an imposing sight overlooking the bay.



The main city in the fjord-like most northerly province of Musandam, Khasab is a small town of peaceful estuaries and palm trees. A small, well-restored 16th century Portuguese fort dominates its picturesque Cornish. Also, Strait of Hurmuz



The oasis town of Buraimi is well worth a visit. It lies about 350 km northwest of Muscat on the border with the United Arab Emirates. The town has an old fort and a bustling friendly souq smelling of spices and palm products. Buraimi Photos | Hotel


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