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    Things to do in Oman:

    The Sultanate of Oman has got a lot to offer outdoor enthusiasts, It is paradise for scuba divers, enchanting to the eye for photo enthusiasts and film buffs, and its diverse natural beauty makes it an ideal place for camping and rock climbing.


    Scuba Diving

    Oman boasts a wild and varied coastline. There is a wealth of scenery, wildlife an pleasure awaiting the underwater explorer. The Oman Dive Center (ODC), located on one of Oman most beautiful and rich sites of natural heritage, offers a complete range of diving courses. Diving equipment is available on dive excursions, which include overnight diving and camping trips. Also, Bandar Al-Rawdah MarinaDiving Centers,, Scuba Diving in Oman


    Photography and Filming

    Oman provides tremendous opportunities for serious and casual photographers. Graded tracks wind along picturesque mountains, together with serene sandy beaches and lush green plains. An occasional burst of wildlife can be seen in the form of a white onyx, or even a mountain fox racing across the horizon against a breathtaking sunset. Photographers: Andrew Weaver, Janssen & Kievith, Tom Till


    Rock Climbing

    To the newly-arrived rock climber Oman is seeming paradise. Rugged mountains, rising at their highest point to 3,000 meters, stretch for over 300 km. In among the peaks is amaze of spurs and wadis, deep canyons and towering cliffs. Getting into the mountain in four wheel drive is easy enough; getting up them is another matter. Also, Caving & Climbing, Rock Climbing



    Oman is a fascinating place to explore with its diverse and beautiful landscape. Overnight camping in wadis or on sandy beaches and desert safaris are very popular among outdoor enthusiasts craving for adventure. Many specialized tour operators provide complete camping facilities from vehicles to drivers, guides, logistical equipment, and packed meals. Also, Camping in Oman, Desert Camping


    Camel Racing

    Camel racing is an extraordinary sport, with large numbers of camels and their owners congregating at the race track. Camels are carefully bred for the track and reared on highly nutritious diet. Juvenile jockeys astride oddly loping mounts generate tremendous excitement on these occasions, which are held mainly during National Day celebrations, and other public holidays. Seeb is the center for this unique sport, which can also be seen in Samail, Salalah, the Interior and Batinah region. Also, All CamelsA-Z Arabian Camel


    Bull Fighting

    Bull fighting is yet another popular sport where two Brahim bulls of the same size are pitted against each other without a drop of blood being spilled. The first to run always is declared the loser, but not before a cheering and enthusiastic audience. The fight lasts just for a few minutes and the bulls suffer little or no injury, except for a few scratches and a bruised ego on the part of both the losing bull and its owner. Also, Omani Style Bull-Fighting



    Sightseeing in exotic Muscat is a unique experience. Half and full-day city tours offered by most tour operators include visits to the old walled city of Muscat, the Qurm museum and other picturesque sea front Mutrah neighborhood with its old white buildings and labyrinthine souq where visitors can buy the most exquisite silver jewelry. Also, Land of Sinbad, Ubar(NASA),Ubar (PBS), Heritage and Culture



    Oman is unquestionably a great place for shopping. Local craftsmen excel in arts and handicrafts such as silver-smithing and weaving. Visitors can buy intricately carved handmade daggers, coffee pots, rose-water sprinklers, incense burners, rugs, saddles, bags, camel straps, and fragrant frankincense. Women's jewelry is perhaps the finest expression of the silversmiths' art, ranging from small silver boxes designed to hold kohl, to bracelets, earrings and rings, heavy anklets, and huge belts and necklaces. Also, Oman SoukOman Shopping, CityShow Shopping Info, WTC Muscat


    Well, you can not avoid the heat in the summer time. You may do some shopping in the many commercial malls that spread all over Muscat. Another thing is go skating at Al Khuwair Skating Center or you may visit Shatti Al Qurm to enjoy the ocean breeze. Sport indoor facilities can be found in club and sport complexes as well.


    You may find the following contacts useful as a sport man or woman:



    Al Muhit Recreation Center - Salalah, 211243
    Seeb Novotel - 510300 ext. 186
    Sheraton Oman Bowling Center - 799899 ext. 5026


    Oman Cricket Association - [ Tel 968-79 66 55 / 968-79 87 86 Fax 968-70 63 72 / 968-68 38 66]
    British Cricket Club - 600909


    Oman Darts Club 618426

    Diving (check Scuba Diving above for more links)

    Blu Zone Watersports - 737293
    Capital Area Yatch Club - 695944
    Dhofar Divers - 235410
    Oman Dive Center - 950261
    Salalah Holiday Inn 235333
    Sunny Day Water Sports 700712
    Thumrait Divers - 466479


    Al Maha Golf Club - 513706
    Flamingo Park Golf Club - 467058
    Ghala Wentworth 591248


    Al Khuwair Center Ice Rink - 696492

    Motor Sports

    Oman Automobile Association (OAA) - 510239
    Oman Automobile Club - 677750
    Muscat Bikers (HD) - 561749


    Muscat Rugby Football Club - 604890, clubhouse.


    Oman Index of H3
    Muscat Hash House Harriers - 614556
    Jebel Hash House Harriers - 516370
    Muscat Road Runners - 678918
    Salalah Hash House Harriers - 235423
    Wudam Hash House Harriers 616320

    Sailing, Surfing, and Boating

    Capital Area Yatch Club (CAYC) - 737712
    Civil Aviation Yatch and Beach Club - 519424
    Oman Laser Association - 675148


    RAFO Salalah Shooting Society - 235205


    Muscat Softball League - 602961


    Muscat Squash League - 701998
    Salalah Squash Ladder - 235242


    Muscat Tennis League - 675210 


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